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Know Yourself through Metadata: Journal Pages

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We are pleased that you decided to take the first step on your journey to understand yourself. This journal is your first step to creating your "Second Brain". To have a computerized assistant, you first need to tell it what you need. The best way that you can determine what you need is to build a picture of what your typical day looks like.

The daily pages that follow have five sections:

  • Tasks

  • Content your Consumed

  • Lessons Learned

  • Further Topics to Explore

  • Physical Wellness

At the end of each week, you are going to summarize your week and create a mindmap of what you're understanding. This will allow you to see (a) what your habits are and identify what can be automated or augmented and (b) what thoughts that you want to continue exploring.

At the end of this, you'll have the data that you need to decide what you need in a second brain ... is it a store of content and their connections? Is it a reminder to exercise because you're more productive? Do you need a way to limit your tasks so that you're not overwhelmed? Each person is unique, so let's identify your needs!

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A One Week Journal that you can print out as much as you want! With explanations and instructions

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Know Yourself through Metadata: Journal Pages

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